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This world is so big for a small girl like me. But the world is so beautiful for a girl with big eyes like me. Welcome in my creative journey where I try to capture emotions and moments in order to make them last a lifetime. Because often the best things in life are not things. 

My name is Tania Biland and I'm a 22 years old girl from Switzerland. As far as I can remember, I have always been deeply fascinated by people and their emotions. I tried through various media to translate my vision on our society using music, drawings or paintings. However, I could never denied my interest for multimedia and that's the reason why, in 2016, I entered the Lucerne University of Art & Design.  

Photography and Film are my two biggest passions. For me the most beautiful moments in life are when i feel this need to create, go outside, shoot and then... see the perfect image through my lens.



What do I study?

I currently study Design Management at the Lucerne University of applied Sciences and Art in Switzerland. But what does that exactly mean?


Design management combines creative design skills with tried-and-tested management methods to add value for the organization. Design managers must therefore be experts in coordinating the interests of various stakeholders to help organizations reach their goals, be it when working on projects, running departments, or devising strategies. Design managers also create the conditions to enable people from different backgrounds to reach a common goal. In other words, design managers make it possible for teams to develop creative and viable solutions.