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Groupe E

Project made in collaboration with Mikaël Ruffieux. (redox-prod.ch)

July 2018


Groupe E is a leading energetic company in Fribourg, Switzerland. The aim of this project was to drive traffic to their new Instagram page with a content that might appeal to a younger generation. Furthermore, our creation had the purpose to make the MOVE system known and promote electric mobility. MOVE is a charging system for electric vehicle with stations all over Switzerland. For three weeks we drove through the country in an electric car to create social media content and checked the MOVE charging stations belonging to Groupe E to make sure they work properly. 


We finally created 10 short videos, a story for Instagram and about twenty pictures that will be used for corporate purposes. The goal was to generate 2000 views in total, we were therefore extremely thrilled when our first video reached more than 14'000 views. 

Website: www.groupe-e.ch

Instagram: @groupe_e